Instant Payday Loans

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How It Works

When you need money urgently, consider payday loans. They are fast, convenient and available online.

The first step is to go to the Instant Payday Loans website to fill in the inquiry form. This is easily done with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

The staff at Instant Payday Loans takes the second step, which is to let our list of lenders know about your request for a loan. 

When one of the lenders accepts your request for a payday loan and sends you an offer, read it and sign it. If you don’t want to sign, you don’t have to. 

Once signed, your lender will quickly get your money ready for you. Collect the cash and then use it for your list of urgent expenses. 

Information About Our Free Service

When you understand what we do and how we can help you find a lender, you’ll have a better idea of how the payday loan process works. Remember that we’re here to help!

Easy Inquiry Form

We designed the inquiry  form to be as short and sweet as possible. We understand that no one wants to be stuck online filling out forms. Just give us the basic info we need and submit it – that’s all!

Secure Process

You shouldn’t have doubts about sending your personal information to us online. To keep it secure, we use modern technology that encrypts it so it is secure. Rest assured that your details are safe with us!

Different Credit Types Accepted

If you’re worried about your credit score, don’t be. We will share your loan request with online lenders who are more lenient when it comes to past credit history. Even with a poor credit score, it’s still possible to get quick acceptance and an offer to sign. 

Do You Have a Bad Credit Score?

It’s understandable that not everyone who needs a payday loan has a perfect credit score, and that’s OK. The lenders we share your inquiry form with understand that people can get behind a little and then end up with a bad credit history. Don’t let that stop you from sending your inquiry form.

When we receive your online request form, we’ll be happy to pass it on to the trusted lenders on our lengthy list. They are online lenders and understand that a speedy reply is of the essence. They will quickly look at your request and then make a fast decision regarding acceptance. You shouldn’t have to wait very long to be contacted with an offer to sign.

Keep in mind that our service is free. You won’t pay anything to let us help you connect with an online lender. When you get a loan offer, you aren’t under any obligation to anyone to sign it. So feel free to send us your request today!

Steps to Getting Your Loan

Submit your online inquiry form

Get acceptance by a lender

Sign the offer for quick cash

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